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Montag, 20. Februar 2012


Sparkling Trees and Vanilla Petit Four at LOOKIE!’s Pre-Sale Soiree

December 15, 2011 – Juliane Hennes and Baroness Viktoria von Uexküll introduced their new label of Contemporary Eyewear with a Pre-sale Soiree at the Rheinisches Landesmuseum´s skylight room in Bonn. To fête their first ever collection of modern lorgnon reading glasses, the hosts created a scenery of trees with glowing blossoms around the exhibited pieces, which were attractively illuminated by spotlights on a row of black velvet columns. “We wanted to create an atmosphere which, in an instant, communicates the vibe and the style of our product,” said Juliane Hennes, the former Milan-based designer, who created the LOOKIE! collection with a focus on functionality. “Have you ever held one in your hand? You will see how comfortable and light it is!”


An exclusive range of guests were greeted with New York style Christmas Music, champagne and custom made Vanilla Petit Four decorated with the label’s logo in chocolate while they perused the new lorgnon collection.
Snowflake animations were projected to the walls of the impressive museum hall where guests queued up for the eye sight testing which checked on their diopters. “Most people need less than usual, due to the distance. You don’t wear LOOKIE! on your nose like common reading glasses. You hold it in your hand, more like enlargement glasses,” explained Baroness Viktoria von Uexküll, who dazzled guests in a tailor made turquoise silk dress.
Antique paintings adorned the walls, the space was peppered with oversized lounge chairs, a styled mannequin presented a piece of the collection and gold sculptured flowers added to the ambiance.
“ A very glamorous feel-good evening!”, said guest Alina von Fink. And as the night wore on even the hosts were pleased themselves. “It is the very first presentation of our product, so you can imagine how excited we are. After several nervous breakdowns, the LOOKIE! has come out of production just in time, flawless and picture perfect! Invitations were sent and here we are!”













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